Go Cave-(wo)man for 30 days?

For anyone interested in the paleo/primal/caveman lifestyle that just seems to be so hot right now, today is a good day to start trying it out.  Over at Mark’s Daily Apple, an internet hot-spot for “primal living in the modern world”, a 30 day primal challenge has begun. Check it out:


Mark’s Daily Apple also offers “Workouts of the Week”, new ones being posted every Monday:


Anyone interested in doing these, let me know. I will be doing them each week (as a non-club workout) and would enjoy company.



2 Responses to “Go Cave-(wo)man for 30 days?”
  1. Dhruv Balwada says:

    I would be interested to join in. Just let me know when you are starting.

  2. Matt A. Miller says:

    I may do this one ( http://www.marksdailyapple.com/wow-the-sweatstone/ ) this weekend, if I can get ahold of a medicine ball or an adequate stone. I’ll keep you posted.

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