Some Links

Here are some great online resources for triathletes. Check ’em out:

Trifuel: Great online community of triathletes. Search the message boards for anything you’re curious about, and you’re sure to find a wealth of information. There are also lots of articles, information about races and gear, training plans, and much more.

Beginner Triathlete: Pretty self-explanatory. Similar to Trifuel (above) but geared towards the beginner. Here you can find lots of race reports to get some inside info on any races you’re thinking of doing.

Slowtwitch: A little different from the websites above. This one has a little more of a focus on technology and news about the world of professional triathlon.

Trifind: Search for triathlons! You can search by location, time of year, distance, etc.

Gulf Winds’ Local Race Calendar: Great resource if you’re looking to anything from a 5k to triathlon somewhere nearby.

Ironman: I couldn’t leave this one out.

Anything missing? Let us know in the comments!


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