Workouts of the Week

Hey folks, check out the latest addition to this site, the Workouts of the Week (WOWs). Each week we will be posting a new swim, bike, and run workout that you are encouraged to do. What’s the point?

1. Maybe you can’t make all of the club’s group workouts, and could use some guidance about what kind of training you should be doing on your own.

2. Each semester there will be key races that our WOWs will be geared towards. This semester it’s our very own Tri the Rez. In the Spring it will be Collegiate Nationals. The WOWs will tend to be the kind of workouts you should be doing to prepare for these races.

3. Go out and train together! You’re teammates (and perhaps also friends) now. Why not get together for a good group workout without it being an official-officer-led-club-workout? Use the comments section, facebook, or whatever to communicate to others when and where you’ll be doing these workouts.

4. Or don’t! Some people like working out alone and that’s totally cool! This give you chance to get the benefits of an officer-led workout without having to deal with the pesky officer dictating things or having to speed-up or slow-down your pace to the pace of the group.

5. Tell us how you did! Use the comments section to brag about your times or speed, or how you added an interesting twist to the workout that others could benefit from, or how you found a great location for one of the workouts in question, or whatever.

Got an idea for Workout of the Week? Let us know!


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