Race Day “To-Do” List

  • 1. Prepare a bag the night before the race that includes everything you will need.

Possible Items Needed:




2 Towels
Bike helmet
Bike shorts
Running shoes
Running shorts
2 Water bottles
Energy bars
Pan of water








  • 2. Check in at the race as soon as you get there. Pick up your assigned racing number and spot in the transition zone.
  • 3. Go to the transition zone. This is the area you go through twice during the race. Mark where you are in regards to the swim exit, bike exit and run exit.4. Strap your timing chip to your ankle using the given band. Go to the body marking area to have your numbers written on your arms, hands and legs.
  • 4. Rack your bike. Hang your helmet off the seat or handle bars. Make sure your water bottles are full. Put one in the water cage on your bike. Put the numbers on your bike and on your running jersey.
  • 5. Spread one towel on the ground. Put your biking and running clothes out. Unlace your shoes. Put them next to the pan filled with water. The pan of water is to rinse your feet after the swim for open water swims.
  • 6. Move to the swim start. Find the group that matches your swim cap color. Swimmers will be grouped in ages or ability levels.
  • 7. Run after finishing the swim to your transition area. Quickly put on your biking clothes, shoes and helmet. Walk or run your bike to the bike start. Mount it only when the officials tell you to do so.
  • 8. Jump off your bike at the end of the bike course. Run back to the transition area to rack your bike. Begin the running part of the competition. Change your shoes if you use bike clips.
  • 9. Drink water at aid stations during the run.
  • 10. Run or walk across the finish line and smile!

Information From: http://www.ehow.com/how_4494238_complete-sprint-triathlon.html


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