Triathlon Training through Flu Season

Took long enough, but the cold weather is approaching! You know what that means, COLD AND FLU SEASON! Makes for a good excuse to skip class and get your roommate to make you chicken noodle soup; but does that mean you need to cut back on your tri-training? Yes, we are in the “off-season,” but keeping up the workouts is essential to being prepared later in the spring to KICK-BUTT at Collegiate Nationals in April. Here are some things to be aware of while the bug is getting passed around: 

–         Light physical activity such as walking offers protection from getting sick.

–         Physical stress of heavy training can make an athlete more vulnerable. For example, in one study runners averaging more than 96km/wk were twice as likely to suffer from colds as those running less than 32 km/wk.

–         Poor nutrition and psychological stress that can occur with over-training weakens immunity.

–         If symptoms are confined to the neck or above, it is probably fine to work out but at a reduced level initially and then advance the intensity and duration as tolerated.

–         Exercising with a fever can also be a recipe for dehydration.

–         Muscle aches, diarrhea, and difficulty breathing all indicate that an infection is more serious and that the body needs rest in order to heal.

The best way to approach this winter season is to be on the flu-defense by practicing good prevention: 

–         Avoid over training to keep antibody levels and immune system in top condition.

–         200 mg of vitamin C daily helps. Those studied who exercised in cool weather they cut their risk of getting a cold in half.

–         Frequent hand washing and cleaning of exercise equipment is highly recommended.

–         Inhaling chlorine gas can cause lung inflammation, so make sure your indoor pool facility has adequate ventilation.

–         FLU SHOT!

You don’t have to cut ties with your local pool, take a “break” from the relationship you have with your speed bike, or somehow avoid eye contact when you pass the FSU track. Instead, take it easy on training and make sure you are staying healthy with your diet and along with practicing cleanliness. When feeling sick, know when enough is enough and stay home for a day or two and get your health to 100% before hitting up the weekly workouts with your awesome club officers!

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One Response to “Triathlon Training through Flu Season”
  1. I decided to add a healthy dose of Vitamin C to my diet this winter and I am surprised how much healthier I stayed. I normally get sick a couple times during the winter and it is really hard to keep up my offseason regiment but I didn’t get sick once this year. I recommend it to everyone. Emergen-C is the easiest form to get it in my opinion and it tastes pretty good too

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