Make Friends Your Steroids

Triathlons are primarily individualized sporting events where the athlete takes it upon his or herself to achieve personal best. It would be easy for one to train, race and compete alone, always improving techniques, achieving time goals and giving his or herself a pat on the back when they make it to the top of the podium.

The Triathlon Club at FSU definitely recognizes the need for self-fulfillment by being a triathlete. However, this is better done through the membership the club where one can develop a support group, workout buddies and friends to “party-hard” with through the triathlete/college career.

“I already participated in triathlons on my own when I became a student at FSU,” says Mathew Miller, a FSU Philosophy grad student who has already competed in two Ironmans and multiple other triathlons. “I joined the club to make friends, meet people with similar interests, and who would be up for going on a long trail run on the weekends.”

Matthew now serves in the club’s new position of Social Chair to help facilitate his intentions of joining the club.

A British study surveying 197 male athletes revealed the presence of social support during a race or event will off-set stressors. Who doesn’t like hearing their name chanted as they make the transitions, or emerge from the water after a long tiring swim?

Not only do you have the support of friends during race day, but prior to the events you friends push you in workouts and encourage you to get up on Saturday morning to go train. Accountability, comparing times, and swapping tips and strategies are all benefits to having workout/club buddies.

Plus outside of work/training…we know how to play.

Point: Be the best triathlete you can be and GET INVOLVED! Develop that social network in our club that is proven to enhance your performance. Join weekly workouts with the group, participate in volunteer events, and even come karaoke with us on Thursday night. The FSU spirit and team pride will carry over as we travel to Nationals in April and this will enhance our performance so we can come home with the title.

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