Volunteering at Ironman Florida

watching the last finishers at Midnight

This past weekend (Nov 4-6) 8 Tri Noles went to Panama City to volunteer at Ironman Florida. It was a great experience to be able to see not only Pro triathletes compete but also see a wide variety of Age Groupers put their endurance to the test.

We woke up early Saturday to watch the Pro and mass Age Group start. The triathletes did 2 laps in an out and back  so it was a really spectator friendly swim course. The mass start was really cool, there were over a thousand Age Groupers all taking to the water at once!

Later we volunteered as “bike catchers” in transition. When the athletes finished the bike, they would dismount and one of us would take their bike from them… the athlete ran off to the change tent to prepare for the marathon and we had the job of running the bike back to the transition rack. During the peak hours when a majority of the triathletes were getting into T2, it really felt like a workout! We would run the bike to the appropriate rack (and it was a big transition area so it was sometimes hard to find) and then sprint back in line to do it again!  

A few of us tried to imitate the Ironman distance by biking all or part of the way to or from Tallahassee to Panama City. Austin biked the entire 108 mile journey from Tally to PC, and Alexa joined him halfway to bike 60 miles. It was the first time I had gone that distance, and it really got me fired up to work on my cycling in the off-season. On the way back, Austin biked 70 miles and Sam and Kaitlin did half and half.

It was a great experience and got some of the teammates excited to compete in their first Half Ironman in the next year!

Tri Noles volunteering at Ironman Floridaa


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