About the Club

The Triathlon Club at Florida State University was born in the Spring of 2006 and is currently run by four officers.

Who’s the club for?   Anyone who’s a triathlete. Anyone who swims, bikes, or runs. Anyone who has an interest or wants to become interested in any of those sports. Anyone who wants to become an endurance athlete and feel the rush of competition!! …oh but you must be an official FSU student to get all the cool club discounts. However feel free to train with us if you’re in town (as long as you have a waiver!).

Who’s in the club? Check out the Contacts page for bios on all the officers. We have around 60 regularly active members and 50 or so more who payed dues. Everyone in the club is an FSU undergrad/grad student. We have members who have raced in Ironmans (fulls and halfs), members who do sprints or olympic distances, marathons, one member that is a triathlon coach and sponsored by Powerbar, and some members who haven’t ever raced in a triathlon but love training with us.

I’m worried everyone is going to be super-intense and just train all the time…. and leave me to drown in the pool.  NO WORRIES! We have all skill levels and NO EXPERIENCE IS NECESSARY to join! All you need is passion to do triathlons (otherwise you probably won’t have much fun at workouts).

PLUS… we don’t just train all the time. Check out our Events page to see the socials coming up, plus community service or other fun gatherings!

Its the middle of the semester and I saw some hott triathletes running around campus… I wanna join your club but I’m worried its too late. It’s never too late! You may not want to pay dues if it’s close to the end of the semester, but you are always welcome to check out a meeting or come to a workout. Talk to an officer and we’ll make sure to work something out for you!

Is your team any good? In 2012-2013 the team really grew and developed a solid base. We took 9 athletes to Nationals, and had Kailand Cosgrove place in the Top 25!

This coming year we plan to take more to Nationals, plus several other FCTC or local Florida races. Throughout the season, we have team members who race and place in age group and elite amateur divisions.

Does your club host any races? YES! The annual Tri the Rez is October 12, 2013.

What if I want to be a sponsor? We would LOVE you… just email the club account at Triathlonclubfsu@gmail.com

So join now and get bit by the triathlon bug!

Email triathlonclubfsu@gmail.com for more info or questions!

– President 2012-2013 Adam Field


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  • For more info contact: Triathlonclubfsu@gmail.com
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