Double Layer Socks

Have you seen double layer socks on the market?  They are purported to be blister resistant or even blister proof.  The idea is that the inner layer conforms to your foot and the outer layer moves with the shoe’s movements and the two layers rub against themselves thereby not rubbing against your skin and causing … Continue reading

All I Want for Christmas…

Doing Christmas shopping for your tri-running friends and need gift ideas? Here are some of the best ideas from Sherry and Ron on the podcast “Tri-Chatter.” New Triathletes should seek out information. Magazine and website subscriptions (eg: LAVA magazine, Begginnertriathlete etc.) Triathica Academy is a subscription service coming in January with a monthly fee to … Continue reading

Make Friends Your Steroids

Triathlons are primarily individualized sporting events where the athlete takes it upon his or herself to achieve personal best. It would be easy for one to train, race and compete alone, always improving techniques, achieving time goals and giving his or herself a pat on the back when they make it to the top of … Continue reading

Triathlon Training through Flu Season

Took long enough, but the cold weather is approaching! You know what that means, COLD AND FLU SEASON! Makes for a good excuse to skip class and get your roommate to make you chicken noodle soup; but does that mean you need to cut back on your tri-training? Yes, we are in the “off-season,” but … Continue reading

Interview: Primal Fitness

This is an interesting interview with former pro-triathlete Brad Kearns about taking a more “primal” approach to your endurance training. Here are some of the lessons to take home (with some of my own opinions and suggestions mixed in): 1. Kearns suggests an “intuitive” approach to training. Forget about those pre-planned highly-structured weekly workout schedules. … Continue reading

Ford Ironman World Championship!

Everyone knows you have to be a pretty legit athlete to take on a Triathlon. The Ford Ironman World Championship is renowned as the world’s most challenging one day sporting event. This triathlon will be taking place this coming weekend in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii with 1,850 athletes coming from all over the world to compete. To … Continue reading

Some Links

Here are some great online resources for triathletes. Check ’em out: Trifuel: Great online community of triathletes. Search the message boards for anything you’re curious about, and you’re sure to find a wealth of information. There are also lots of articles, information about races and gear, training plans, and much more. Beginner Triathlete: Pretty self-explanatory. … Continue reading

Barefoot (style) Running

Some of you have expressed curiosity about those strange toe-shoe things I’ve worn on a couple occasions, as well as about barefoot (style) running. I should first say that I’m no physiologist, or exercise scientist, or any other type of “ist” that qualifies me for making any sort of recommendation regarding barefoot (style) running. Neither … Continue reading

Go Cave-(wo)man for 30 days?

For anyone interested in the paleo/primal/caveman lifestyle that just seems to be so hot right now, today is a good day to start trying it out.  Over at Mark’s Daily Apple, an internet hot-spot for “primal living in the modern world”, a 30 day primal challenge has begun. Check it out: Mark’s Daily Apple … Continue reading

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