Google Calendar

We have a Google Calendar set up with all of our workouts, all our meetings, and most of our special events.  You can add the calendar <> to your Google Calendar by looking at the “Other calendars” section and typing our email address above into the part that says “Add a friend’s calendar.”  Then you … Continue reading

Gettin’ Pumped…

The spring semester has begun! We are excited to start our club happenings with workouts, socials, fundraisers and really just “tri” to have a good time! Poke around our blog site to see how you can join the club or get more involved. We are opening up our workouts for the first couple weeks to … Continue reading

Race Day “To-Do” List

1. Prepare a bag the night before the race that includes everything you will need. Possible Items Needed:       Swimsuit Goggles 2 Towels Bike Bike helmet Bike shorts Running shoes Running shorts 2 Water bottles Energy bars Pan of water               2. Check in at the race … Continue reading

Workouts of the Week

Hey folks, check out the latest addition to this site, the Workouts of the Week (WOWs). Each week we will be posting a new swim, bike, and run workout that you are encouraged to do. What’s the point? 1. Maybe you can’t make all of the club’s group workouts, and could use some guidance about … Continue reading

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